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• 12/30/2018

Martians vs. Mysterons...

Who would win in a war between the Martians (I'm using the Jeff Wayne video game versions here) and the Mysterons from the British TV series "Captain Scarlet"?

Looking forward to hearing some responses.

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• 11/6/2018

The date of the invasion

The original story is described here as "The 1902 invasion" but that year is never mentioned in the book. The first chapter describes the gun being cast on the 2nd of August 1894 before saying "the storm burst upon us six years ago now" and describing the shots which started on the 12th. I think that's been taken to mean the shots were fired 6 years after the gun was cast but surely it means the story is being written 6 years later. If that's the case then the invasion would have landed around June 1895.

Would be very interested to hear other people's thoughts.

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• 10/20/2018

What is/are your favourite version(s) of the Martian Tripods?

Since the War of the Worlds has been adapted so many times, we've seen multiple versions of the Martian's most iconic vehicle. The question is, which versions do you like best?

This is strictly the tripods (fighting machines) - not any of the other martian vehicles.

Furthermore, it's based on the versions you liked the most - regardless of how true to the book they were.

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• 9/5/2018

If you could do a War of the Worlds adaptation/crossover, what would you do?

With H.G.Wells books entering the public domain back on January 1st 2017, its quite possible to create adaptations of his stories and quite literally go wild with them. The BBC are even making another adaptation this year; set in the time period of the novel but with some differences - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/6033264/the-war-of-the-worlds-start-bbc-one-cast-hg-wells-about/

With that said, if you could do an adaptation of War of the Worlds and/or have it cross over with other properties, what would you do?
(There's no right or wrong answers - be as simple or wild as you want to be).

As for what I would do, I've got a few ideas:
1. Set it around about the original time period of the 1890's or maybe a few years/decades before, but instead of landing in Britain or America I would have the Martian landings take place in either Russia or Japan.
I say this as the time periods in both countries could make for an interesting of how both nations would deal with the Martian Invasion. For more information on both, see the links.
Russia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Russia_(1892%E2%80%931917)
Japan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meiji_period

2. Staying with Japan, another idea I had would be a crossover with the Godzilla franchise. I've already written two possible scenarios for this idea on this website if you're interested: https://wikizilla.org/wiki/Special:WikiForum/Godzilla:_War_of_the_Worlds...
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