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The Artilleryman is a soldier who tries to enter the Narrator's house after his squadron was wiped out by the Martians on Horsell Common. They leave together but get separated by a Martian attack at Weybridge. He survived the Martian attack by climbing up a storm drain.

Later on in the book we find the Artilleryman in Wimbledon, London. He has gone slightly mad and believes that London can be rebuilt in the drains below. He also theorises that the Martians will turn the humans against each other and raise them like cattle. The Narrator goes along with his plans until he realises that it is insane and then leaves the Artilleryman to his own devices.

Musical Versions[]

In Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds his part is sung by David Essex in the song 'Brave New World' and later in Live on Stage, the Artilleryman was portrayed by Alexis James, Michael Falzon, and Jason Donovan in the 2010 version.

In The New Generation, the Artilleryman was voiced by Ricky Wilson for the Album and Live on Stage. In the 2018 tour for the 40th anniversary of the musical, the Artilleryman was portrayed by Adam Garcia.