The Attack of Los Angles was fought in 1953 when The Martian-Fighting Machines attacked and took over the city. It was one of only two battles fought in this invasion.


General Mann tried to kill the Martians before they got to the city but the Bombing of the Martians failed, and he ordered an evacuation of the city. Meanwhile Dr. Forrester was trying to escape to his new lab in the Rocky Mountains, but he was knocked out by a stampeding mob. He was soon to be a participant of the attack.

The AttackEdit

All but several people escaped when the Martians attacked and all but two [Dr.Forrester and Sylvia] where killed or destroyed in minutes along with all the city.


Dr.Forrester and Sylvia hid together in an abandoned house waiting for rescue, but they didn't need it for the Martians all died off in a few weeks, and the world was saved by bacteria.