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Dr Who is a Science Fiction BBC TV show that references H.G. Wells and his book The War of the Worlds.

TV Show[]

Frontier in Space: The Master read The War of the Worlds while holding the Third Doctor and Jo Grant prisoner.

Timelash: Wells' experiences of witnessing interplanetary war alongside the Sixth Doctor may have vaguely inspired his novel.


Goodbye Piccadilly: According to one account, in the 1890s, an alien species invaded the Earth with war machines that looked like tripods. After Torchwood handled the invasion, H. G. Wells helped them cover up the incident.

Invaders from Mars: Orson Welles' broadcast of a radio play adaptation of The War of the Worlds convinced certain members of the population that Martians had really invaded.


Verdigris: The Meercocks in their natural form resembled the Martians in the novel.

Inmate 280: The Seventh Doctor read The War of the Worlds while a prisoner in Alcatraz in the 20th century.

Revenge of the Judoon: The Tenth Doctor came up against the Judoon in the 19th century. Many events in this encounter were mirrored in the novel. He later came across a man who had read it and compared the events of The War of the Worlds to what was happening around them.

Heart of Stone: When the Eleventh Doctor briefly suspected an alien invasion, Rory Williams was not so sure such an event would begin at a small farm. The Doctor thought it worth noting that the original War of the Worlds book began at Horsell Common. He jested with Rory, implying that the events of the story were true, but quickly admitted he was kidding.


Character Assassin: In the Land of Fiction, the Master used the Crown of Thoughts to materialise Martian tripods to destroy the Sisyphean Society with Heat-rays.