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Graphic novels are illlustrated comic-book styled adaptations of the novel. Graphic novels are usually a direct adaptation of the story, though some may make some changes to the setting or plot. Several different graphic stories of The War of the Worlds have been made. Some comics, such as Super-Man, have also had stories that contain events based on or inspired by the novel, though these are not usally a standard adaptation.

List of faithful graphic novels[]

Following is a list of known graphic novels based on The War of the Worlds. This list only includes graphic novels that are directly based on the novel and are faithful to its Victorian England setting.

  • 1955: Classics Illustrated #124. The oldest graphic novel adaptation. Later reprinted as Classics Illustrated #1.
  • 1974: New Age Illustrated. Originally an obscure comic, it was republished in color by Saddleback.
  • 1977: Marvel Classics Comics #14, an adaptation of the novel, by Marvel.
  • 2006: Dark Horse Comics adaptation.
  • 2006: Saddleback Illustrated Classics #28. This is a color reprint of the 1974 New Age adaptation.
  • 2007: La Guerre des Mondes, French adaptation by Adonis.
  • 2007: Science Fiction & Fantasy. Includes the Bank Street Classic Tales adaptation.
  • 2008: Museum of Unnatural Mystery: Graphic Classics. Digital graphic novels, including The War of the Worlds.
  • 2009: Science Fiction Classics: Graphic Classics volume 17. Includes an adaptation of the novel.
  • 2009: Stone Arch Books, adaptation designed for younger readers.
  • 2011: Campfire. The tripods in this graphic novel resemble the design from the Steven Spielberg film.
  • 2018: Insight Comics. Adapted by Dobbs (writer) and Vicente Cifuentes (illustrator).
  • 2021: Markosia. Fully painted adaptation by Aaron Moran.

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