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Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story is a 2020 action-adventure video game based off the modern War of the Worlds film developed by Steel Arts Software.


It's a stealth adventure for one player that drops you right in the middle of the Martian invasion. She plays Harper through her personal story amid the most significant event in human history.

Based on the great work of H.G. Wells, explore rural England and find iconic concepts like black smoke, red grass, and of course the almighty Fighting Machine and its heat beam!

Sneak, create and deceive souls under Martian influence when everything is too much. Use the environment to your advantage or upgrade Harper's ability to create throwable objects and learn how to neutralize or avoid enemies in new and interesting ways.


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  • The difference between the Tripods from the 2005 film is that they have one red retinal eye, a checkered pattern dome, mechanical limbs instead of tentacles, lack of arms, lasers located on the side of their head and the third leg attracted to the front rather then the back.
  • The Red Weed is spread through launched spore pods that emit a black toxic cloud of smoke that can slowly kill a human.
  • The Martians use mind controlled humans to hunt down any survivors, they will teleport from a lightning bolt whenever the player is in a area, once the player leaves the area they immediately teleport away from a lightning bolt again. There are only two variants of the enemy, The first are standard human males that uses objects as melee weapons. The second being female humans surrounded by fields of electricity that are slowly patrolling and screaming in agony, they also appeared blind but will instantly detect you if you run fast and will kill you in a feral state.
  • The loading screen shows that the Martians are invading during the day, even though they have less appearances and attacking at night.