Los Angles California is a city on the western coast of the United States. In the 1953 movie the city was destroyed but the Martians were killed by bacteria there.

Martian landing outside Los Angles Edit

In California outside Los Angles a Martian cylinder came down and the three war machines that emerged from it were going to Los Angles. An order from the President said that the A bomb was to be used against the Martians outside Los Angles. The bomb was to be dropped from a flying wing aircraft carrying a bomb ten times larger than anything previously used. At the bombing site one scientist said "If the A bomb fails the Martians will take over the world in six days". The bombing plane flew over the Martians dropping Of the bomb but the Martians impenetrable Protective Blister shield protected them from the A bomb.
A bomb plane

Flying wing over martian landing site outside Los Angles

Evacuation Edit

General Mann ordered that all cities in danger of attack were to be evacuated. General Mann then said that the U.S. Army would establish a defensive line and fight them all the way back into the Rocky Mountains. Dr.Forrester then said that his scientific team would take all their equipment and establish a lab in the Rocky Mountains. Then in Los Angles a millions of people were fleeing the city. When Dr.Forrester was leaving he was attacked by the mob as well as several other people and was left for dead in the city.

Attack of Los Angles Edit

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The city was soon under attack by Martians. Most of the city had been evacuated but many were still in the city including Sylvia and Dr.Forrester. The city was ripped down in minutes but as the martians advanced they soon came under attack by bacteria and were soon killed and the invasion was stopped.
Los Angles under attack

Los Angles under attack