Project 9 is an organisation in the War of the Worlds TV series.

Although it only appears and mentioned in one episode, "The Raising of Lazarus", Project 9 is rooted heavily in the mythology of the first season. It is a branch of the shadow government Phoenix Mountain Project. Among the many unsettling things the Phoenix Mountain Project takes care of is managing alien artefacts for the government. According to Norton, the Phoenix Mountain Project is reponsible for Hangar 15. Since it is stated in "The Resurrection" that the government had the war machines cached since 1953, this means in turn, that the Phoenix Mountain Project has been around since that long as well. Project 9 is specifically tasked with trying to adapt the alien technology for military purposes.

The unit's leader is Dr. Colonel Frederick Alexander. He reports directly to the Joint Chiefs. At the end of "The Raising of Lazarus", Alexander is taken over by an alien and subsequently killed. With Lt. Perry, the only other member of the unit that accompanies Alexander also killed, the status of Project 9 is unknown.

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