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Rachel Ferrier is one of main protagonists in War of the Worlds. She often screamed uncontrollably out of fear and anxiety, which was not only unnecessary/futile but also irritating towards her father Ray and brother Robbie. Ray had much difficulty in holding onto Rachel but never failed to lose her.

Character information

Rachel Ferrier is the daughter of Ray Ferrier. She is a witness to the invaders' attempt to take over the planet Earth. She was one of the survivors of the attack. Rachel seems to want to do things for herself as shown when she had a hard time carrying a suitcase but her mother Mary Ann assisted her. As a result, Rachel persisted to carry it. It is shown that she gets panicked in situations and tends to scream. It is revealed that she has been allergic to peanut butter since birth. In one part of the movie, as Ray and Rachel were sleeping on the couch, she sat up and was being watched by the tripod's camara probe. She ran out of the house and was later captured by a tripod, followed by her father, Ray. At the end of the movie, Rachel and Ray return to Boston. Rachel runs toward her mother, screaming her name and sobbing with her.

Rachel is smart and has a good sense of humor, shown when she is sitting in the living room with her father Ray, and he asks "Where is Robbie?" Rachel replies, "He went out." Ray: "Out where?" Rachel: "I don't know, he just took your car and left." With a big smile on her face, finding it funny, knowing her brother Robbie and Ray's relationship with one another. She also loves horses, if you notice, she is playing with plastic horses in the back yard while Ray and Robbie play ball, her and Robbie room also has a Horse poster and other horse toys on her side of the room, she wears a horse bag/satchel and wears/shows off a yellow horse ribbon.