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The Curate is a character that the Narrator encounters after the Weybridge attack. He is described as having a 'fair weakness', 'flaxen curls' and 'large, pale, blue eyes'. He seems very afraid of everything that is going on.

The two travel on together and get stuck in a house where they sought shelter, when a cylinder falls next to it. They have to be quiet in case the Martians hear them and for days they share a peephole from which they can see Martian activity.

After about 10 days, the Curate becomes reckless and starts talking to himself. He seems to think this is all God's punishment and that people are wicked. The Narrator has to slap him to return him to sanity because otherwise he would betray their position. On the 12th day he starts yelling and cannot be quieted, forcing the Narrator to knock him out with a shovel. A Martian hears the struggle and takes the body of the Curate.

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