Wojna swiatów - nastepne stulecie, also known in English as The War of the Worlds: Next Century, is a Polish science fiction film based on the novel. The movie is noted for its lack of the infamous tripods.

Plot (Taken from Wikipedia) Edit

The film starts from the position close to the literary inspiration suggested in the title, but rather from developing it in the same manner as the novel, it is used as a witty commentary on the political situation of Poland in the period of the Polish People's Republic.

The film starts with the arrival of a more advanced civilization from Mars which purports to have a friendly attitude towards Earthlings. The place visited by the Martians resembles a police state in which a huge role is played by television, which is used as a propaganda tool.

The main character of the film, Iron Idem (Roman Wilhelmi) is a news presenter who has a popular TV program, Iron Idem's Independent News. However, the news that is presented on his program is carefully chosen by Idem's boss (Mariusz Dmochowski) who later orders the kidnapping of Idem's wife (Krystyna Janda). Iron Idem is forced to collaborate with the state apparatus, which is controlled by blood thirsty Martians, and encourages people to give blood.

After being thrown out of his flat, Idem has a chance to observe stupefied citizens who fall victim to the repression of the state apparatus. Finally, the main protagonist rebels and criticizes society during a TV Super Show which is a concert organized as a farewell to the Martians.

On the day after the Martians departure the Earth’s mass media change their perception of the whole situation and the visit from Mars is viewed as an aggressive invasion and Iron Idem is shown as the main collaborator. He is sentenced to death and killed but only on the television screen. In reality he leaves the television studio and steps into the outside world which is covered by mist.