• Hello Logan,

    Let me introduce myself. I'm Jay, and I'm the (sole) bureaucrat of the WORW Wiki. I apologize for my rather absent status on this wiki - I have other wikis to focus on plus the reason why I adopted this wiki for an MTV series adaption that, as time passes, gets less likely to be made. However, that doesn't mean I don't keep track of my wikis and I haven't noticed your spectacular editing. That is why I'm approaching you for an offer of adminship, to assure myself that the wiki can have a proper caretaker who not only knows WOTW but enjoys the topic and has the necessary tools to take care of the wiki. Would you accept my offer of you being my admin on here?

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    • Hey, you've still been active a lot quite lately and never responded back. If you are interested in being an admin or choose to pass up the position, please feel free to let me now as soon as you canĀ :)

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