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Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds MMIX Official Trailer (2019) HD-0

Hello everyone.

Some of you may not be aware, but I have found the first seven episodes to a lost War of the Worlds web-series released between 2008 and 2010, but was removed from YouTube for copyright infringment and uncensored gore. The 10-part series re-tells the classic story but changing the setting from Woking 1898 to Woking 2008. It also uses the music and Martian designs from the Jeff Wayne Musical, so this is the closest thing we're getting to a Jeff Wayne movie! If you have a look in the video section of this wiki, you will find all seven parts available to watch right now, however, they will be uploaded to YouTube starting June 14th. Please sperad the word for the released of something we have been waiting for since 2005!

The Narrator: Richard Burton/Justin Hayward

The Artilleryman: David Essex

SKY News Anchorman: Adam Boulton

A Unified Voice: Chris Thompson

The Parson: Phil Lynott 

Beth, The Parson's Wife: Julie Covington 

The Martians: Jo Partridge 

Based on the book by H.G. Wells

Adapted by Doreen Wayne

Directed and Produced by Richard K

Distributed by Universal Pictures and Compressed Films

Music by Jeff Wayne, Jerry Goldsmith and Brian Tyler

Launching June 14th 2019 on YouTube! Watch now on TWOTW Wiki and Vimeo!