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The War of the Worlds has had five video game adaptations;

  • The 1982 Arcade game that was basically a "Space Invaders" clone; one version was monochrome and a later version came out in colour, although the game itself is extremely rare.
  • The 1984 game for the ZX Spectrum.
  • The 1998 game for the PC.
  • The 1999 game for the PSOne.
  • The 2011 game for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

However, if you had the opportunity to come up with a new game - be it a new adaptation of "The War of the Worlds", a sequel/prequel of the original story or a game that just uses elements from the book as part of another narrative, what would you do?

Go wild - there's no right or wrong answers, so use your imagination and be either as brief or as detailed as you wish.